Treat the health of your entire healthcare system. DLA Piper's lawyers provide guidance to help you tend to your system's wellness throughout the business life cycle.

  • The confluence of events in Washington shows why no industry presents as much potential – or as many challenges – as healthcare. See highlights from our panel at the 2017 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Healthcare M&A Exits: Who's Buying, What Are They Buying and Why?

  • The American political landscape may be filled with turmoil, and healthcare itself has many operational and legal challenges. But investors know that the healthcare sector remains ripe with opportunity.

  • With new guidance, the DOJ Criminal Division Fraud Section announces it is heightening its expectations for anti-corruption compliance programs. See our review of these changes and our action steps for healthcare companies.

  • Overturn of the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, would affect every aspect of the healthcare system and every employer. In this alert, part of our regular reporting on breaking legal news in the sector, we covered the ramifications of the drive to repeal and replace.

  • Many healthcare companies in financial distress are contemplating chapter 11 relief – but they should be aware that healthcare restructurings are different. Here are four key differences.

  • A False Claims Act investigation can add a new level of regulatory complications for an already distressed healthcare company.

  • As digital health products become more mainstream, companies may face greater exposure to regulatory scrutiny and product liability litigation. Here are key product liability considerations for those looking to enter the digital health frontier.

  • Addressing uncertainty and governmental enforcement proceedings against healthcare entities from every angle, DLA Piper has assembled our Healthcare Enforcement Response Team – professionals who advise in two areas: taking steps to avoid running afoul of the regulators, and dealing with the consequences when a company is in the government's crosshairs. Let us put our experience to work for you.