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LAWcast from the Nordics


Hosted by Erik Wold, who has led some of Norway's most important news broadcasts and debates in NRK for 25 years, our podcast series focuses on current issues and topics and help you to keep up to date with the latest developments in the market.

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25Jun TopCo liability panel London Recent years have seen an increased importance placed on TopCo liability claims - claims where a parent company, a company at the top of the supply chain, or an investor can be liable for the actions of a subsidiary, supplier or investee company. On Wednesday 10 April 2019, the Supreme Court handed down its much anticipated judgment in Vedanta Resources PLC and another (Defendants/Appellants) v Lungowe and others (Claimants/Respondents) [2019] UKSC 20. In handing down its decision in this jurisdictional case, the Supreme Court confirmed that: * a duty of care can exist between a parent company and those affected by the operations of its subsidiaries * the existence of that duty is likely to be a question of fact in each case * the existence of a duty may be suitable for determination at a summary hearing (such as a jurisdiction challenge), but this will depend on the circumstances of the case On Tuesday 25 June we will host a panel discussion that will look at recent developments relating to TopCo liability claims. The discussion will consider TopCo liability in the context of tortious claims, where it is said that a TopCo has assumed a duty of care to a Claimant who is affected by the actions or inaction of another company it is said to control. We will cover the following topics: * Is there a current trend towards increasing liability of TopCos? * Legally * Societal/ Impression/ public opinion * Does this discourage companies from being transparent and doing the right thing? * Are companies being forced into exercising increasing control from the centre, and is this a sustainable or desirable business model? * Will cautious actors (looking to avoid attracting TopCo liability) end up being excluded from certain sectors geographies? The panel has been designed to take into account a number of different perspectives, and hopefully spark some interesting debate. They include representatives from business, industry association and investor perspectives as well as an academic perspective. [Speakers to be confirmed]
26Jun Elite influence for in-house lawyers Manchester We are all trying to influence people and other organisations daily, whether that’s with our own teams, with a client, or across industry. Whatever your influence challenge and whatever decision, behaviour or thinking you are trying to change, how much more effective would you be if you could wield elite influence skill with precision and deliberation? The ubiquity of technology and expertise is removing competitive advantage from business. In an increasingly digital world, where the strength of our relationships defines our success, human influencing skills are more powerful than ever. In this workshop we look at some of the models and tools used successfully on high-stakes military intelligence operations and learn how we can apply them to our business challenges. ==== Workshop outline This workshop will give you tools to improve your influencing skills and deal with any challenge you need to tackle. * Working out the best path to influence key decision makers; * Understanding what is truly important to people; * Understanding the desires and fears that make us decide whether or not to do something; * How to use the influence techniques found in every-day society to increase the power of our influence message; * Putting it all together with a simple plan that will ensure you go into important interactions fully prepared, and with deliberation. ==== About your trainers The team at Applied Influence Group [http://www.appliedinfluencegroup.com/] learnt what they know about influence on high stakes military intelligence operations in environments like Afghanistan. They now take that knowledge and apply it to a wider variety of other contexts: from elite sport to the legal profession. One of your trainers will be Dan Connors. Dan joined the Applied Influence Group after 22 years in the British Army, where he served in a variety of specialist intelligence roles around the world. After refining his operational influence skills, Dan transitioned into capability development and trained the future generations of military influencers and analysts. Having gained his Post-Grad Certificate in Education, Dan now brings his passion for life-long learning to his role leading research, development and innovation at the Applied Influence Group. We look forward to welcoming you.
02Oct WIN Yorkshire - Presentation lessons from Politics Leeds Politicians have to speak regularly, at short notice, on a range of topics and in a variety of formats. There are many things we can learn from their approach, including their mistakes. With presentation skills one of our most requested WIN Yorkshire topics, we are pleased to offer you a variation on previous presentation courses, delivered by a new WIN trainer who served for almost a decade as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. “The national Budget has just been published – it is around 500 pages. You are doing a live interview in 45 minutes, and then go straight to the Chamber for a full debate with the Finance Minister. Oh, and can you do Newsnight at 11pm...and then Good Morning Scotland at 6.30am? Good luck!” This dynamic seminar will help you to assemble great material swiftly, fine-tune it carefully and structure it effectively. You will also learn how to get ready to perform and make the maximum possible impact. This WIN seminar is packed full of strategies, tips and shortcuts with immediate practical application. It has been adapted and shaped to provide a particular focus for in-house lawyers. Our WIN Yorkshire workshops are part of a new series of WIN events exploring soft skills topics regularly requested each year by our WIN Yorkshire community. Workshop Outline * The most effective and efficient way to craft your message and build your structure * 5 vital lessons every speaker can learn from politics and how to apply these lessons to the commercial world * Being fully ready to speak for the first time or even the tenth time that day * How to add extra sparkle to your presentation * How to transfer the techniques to meetings and informal situations About your trainer Gavin Brown served for almost a decade as a Member of the Scottish Parliament. In that time he personally prepared and delivered several thousand speeches, including high profile debates in a packed Chamber, live tv, live radio, keynote talks, large public meetings and Boardroom speeches. We look forward to welcoming you.

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