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LAWcast from the Nordics


Hosted by Erik Wold, who has led some of Norway's most important news broadcasts and debates in NRK for 25 years, our podcast series focuses on current issues and topics and help you to keep up to date with the latest developments in the market.

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16Jan Women's WIN - Workshop and Panel Event - Unleashing the Diversity of Human Potential London Despite recent changes to legislation, gender biases are still prevalent within corporate workplaces. Pre-determined ideas of how men and women should behave, although invisible, are powerful and often underestimated. For women in leadership positions, navigating the workplace can be tricky. Coupled with a hyper-competitive economy, women are often faced with assumptions and expectations of how they should fit in and behave. Research confirms a double bind; that when stereotypes are challenged, and women demand higher pay, credit or fail to collaborate, they are often judged as unpleasant. Equally challenging is imposter syndrome and perfectionism, causing some high-achieving women to struggle with an internal monologue of self-doubt, attributing success to external factors while internalising failure. Despite wanting senior leadership positions, by failing to internalise their accomplishments or by constantly seeking the approval of others, they may unintentionally sabotage their own career advancement. On Wednesday 16 January 2019, you are invited to join other female in-house counsel to the first of our 2019 Women's WIN events, where our trainer Stephanie Haladner will be exploring what may hold women in-house back and practical strategies to overcome such challenges. Following the workshop, you are invited to hear from a panel of high-performing female leaders, who will share their very own experiences of 'the double-bind', 'imposter syndrome' and 'perfectionism' and how they overcame them. Panel members will take questions from the floor. ==== Panellists: * Banke Odunaike , Deputy Head of Legal, CBRE Ltd * Carolyn Jameson , Chief Legal Officer, Skyscanner * Maria Passemard , Partner & Head of Legal Operations, John Lewis Partnership * Facilitatedby Stephanie Haladner , Trainer & Senior In-house lawyer, Lloyds Banking Group ==== About your trainer Stephanie Haladner Stephanie Haladner is a diversity specialist and a senior regulatory lawyer at Lloyds Banking Group. Prior to Lloyds Banking Group, Stephanie practiced in-house through Axiom at Siemens Financial Service, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Cisco Capital, JP Morgan and ICBC Standard Bank.

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