ESG. Climate Change, Labour Standards, and Supply Chains. Political Events and War. A pandemic. Consumer Protection. Antitrust and Competition. Privacy. Financial services, technology, and privacy regulation.

As optimism builds for a future beyond COVID-19, new issues are emerging in a world that has increasingly pivoted to technology, been beset by political and social unrest, and experienced an increase in regulations affecting privacy, consumer protection and the environment. Our Global Class Actions Client Summit 2022 will bring together experienced class action and collective redress litigators from around the world, as well as regulators, claims administrators, litigation funders, and insurers to discuss these increasingly globalized and complex challenges.

Risks can arise simultaneously in multiple markets across the globe, with significant legal and reputational consequences. Regulations are evolving but often the law and policy between markets is inconsistent and even outdated. As new risks emerge and existing ones develop, class action and collective redress disputes are increasingly all-encompassing—particularly in the areas of ESG, privacy, technology, and economic and social issues. This summit will help our clients identify and mitigate these risks, in order to better navigate the state of collective litigation in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

DLA Piper is the largest class actions defence practice in the world, including specialists in the USA and Canada, across Europe, the UK, Australia, and Asia. For ten years, we have been predicting and tracking the emergence of global class actions – a case begins in California, it spreads to England, then to Germany, and the Netherlands and then onto Australia. Regulators take notice. What was once a risk has now crystallised as plaintiffs’ and claimants’ lawyers commence litigation against our global clients.

With the rise of globalised litigation funders and claim-side lawyers and globalised businesses tackling similar risks irrespective of where a business is based, plus procedural and legislative changes in the UK and Europe opening new avenues for litigation, collective claims have become a lucrative asset class for plaintiffs or claimants and funders. Although a major feature of disputes in North America and Australia for a long time, these claims are accelerating in the UK and Europe. The development of a global class action threat makes the management of a business’s response to global risks even more complex and demanding. The consequence is that prudent global businesses are now viewing collective litigation risk not merely as a North American challenge, but a global one, which requires a pro-active and integrated global strategy.

To help our clients navigate this emerging landscape, our Global Class Actions Client Summit 2022 will bring together clients, insurers, regulators, claims administrators, litigation funders, claimant lawyers, and our global practice leadership in the USA, Europe and Australia to discuss the state of global class actions; what is happening in the UK, Europe, and North America; how claims are linked across markets; specific litigation risks relating to technology and ESG; and implications for high-risk sectors such as financial services and insurance, technology, consumer goods, transport, infrastructure, and industrials.

The summit will be followed by a drinks reception on our rooftop balcony with views over the City of London for those joining in-person.


21 June 2022
2:00 PM - 7:30 PM BST
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM EDT
6:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada)

Hybrid event: The event will be held virtually and in person at our London office, 160 Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4HT Directions.


2:00 PM – Registration

2:30 PM – Session 1: The Emerging European Landscape for Class Actions– What does the future hold for European businesses with the introduction of a class actions system? Our panel will discuss what types of cases are emerging given the EU’s new collective redress system, and how the various markets are approaching collective redress. We will also explore what practical lessons we can learn from the United States and Australia and how risk of these claims across multiple markets can be mitigated?

3:40 PM – Break

4:00 PM – Session 2: Global trends in ESG disputes – What are the key trends in environmental, climate, and other ESG disputes and what is next? Our panel will review how your ESG guidelines and policies affect your litigation risk, including supply chain, labour practices, political and social issues, diversity and inclusion, equity, and other aspects of ESG. We will also explore how the regulatory landscape is evolving in the UK, Europe, and the US, and where the risks and future issues lie.

5:10 PM – Break

5:30 PM – Session 3: Collective actions and technology – How should companies manage risks relating to privacy, the use of AI, and increasing efforts to impose platform regulation? We will review the trends in privacy class actions and how key sectors like financial services, technology, and industrials are managing these issues and mitigating litigation risks.

6:45 PM – Drinks and canape reception

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