This session is based on five years of qualitative research to generate insight and understanding into the differences and drivers between the generations, and how these affect our lives and businesses in professional services. Through unvarnished and honest research, we have understood the friction points which understandably exist between the different generations and help to answer why deep differences in generational groups are creating challenges within businesses and threatening “business as usual” practices.

How to manage and motivate staff has long been one of the key issues that decides the success, or otherwise, of teams in businesses. But without understanding the attitudes and values that we absorb as we grow up, businesses and leaders are at risk of designing a “one size fits all” approach. Here, neither carrot nor stick is motivating due to a lack of understanding of the values, drivers and needs of staff.

Radical changes to economics, politics and the environment have created psyche shifts in employees who increasingly are critical of organisations which they feel are “out of touch” with the realities of modern-day life and business. Based on confidential interviews with talent in the legal profession, we have gained insight into why high salary can be demotivating; why “top talent” are now choosing to opt out of competition; the impact of “always present” office culture – as well as how COVID-19 has managed to provide positive opportunities that can benefit outgoing and fast moving businesses.

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Workshop outline

  • Understanding and overview of the generations
  • Why, and how, cohort differences affect business operations
  • How to manage and lead better cross generational teams in house
  • COVID-19 business responses, and how different generational needs play in

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