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Elite influence for in-house lawyers


We are all trying to influence people and other organisations daily, whether that’s with our own teams, with a client, or across industry. Whatever your influence challenge and whatever decision, behaviour or thinking you are trying to change, how much more effective would you be if you could wield elite influence skill with precision and deliberation?

The ubiquity of technology and expertise is removing competitive advantage from business. In an increasingly digital world, where the strength of our relationships defines our success, human influencing skills are more powerful than ever. In this workshop we look at some of the models and tools used successfully on high-stakes military intelligence operations and learn how we can apply them to our business challenges.

Workshop outline

This workshop will give you tools to improve your influencing skills and deal with any challenge you need to tackle.

  • Working out the best path to influence key decision makers;
  • Understanding what is truly important to people;
  • Understanding the desires and fears that make us decide whether or not to do something;
  • How to use the influence techniques found in every-day society to increase the power of our influence message;
  • Putting it all together with a simple plan that will ensure you go into important interactions fully prepared, and with deliberation.

About your trainers

The team at Applied Influence Group learnt what they know about influence on high stakes military intelligence operations in environments like Afghanistan. They now take that knowledge and apply it to a wider variety of other contexts: from elite sport to the legal profession.

One of your trainers will be Dan Connors. Dan joined the Applied Influence Group after 22 years in the British Army, where he served in a variety of specialist intelligence roles around the world. After refining his operational influence skills, Dan transitioned into capability development and trained the future generations of military influencers and analysts. Having gained his Post-Grad Certificate in Education, Dan now brings his passion for life-long learning to his role leading research, development and innovation at the Applied Influence Group.

We look forward to welcoming you.


8.30am - Registration and breakfast

9.00am - Workshop to begin

10.30am - Coffee break

10.45am - Workshop to continue

12 noon - Close with networking lunch



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