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Adaptable Intelligence

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

Increasingly, in the modern world of business, leading in-house lawyers know how vital it is to be able to adapt and pivot when it matters most. With this in mind, this innovative and interactive session by James Bannerman - the author of Genius! and Business Genius! - will help you to sharpen your ‘Adaptable Intelligence’ skills so you can become more creatively agile, emotionally resilient, and strategically self-aware. This half-day A.I. course, therefore, is not designed to be a rigid ‘talk and chalk’ session: It is designed to be entertaining, engaging, thought-invoking, and practical.

Women's WIN event - Unleashing the Diversity of Human Potential

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

Despite recent changes to legislation, gender biases are still prevalent within corporate workplaces. Pre-determined ideas of how men and women should behave, although invisible, are powerful and often underestimated. For women in leadership positions, navigating the workplace can be tricky. Coupled with a hyper-competitive economy, women are often faced with assumptions and expectations of how they should fit in and behave. Research confirms a double bind; that when stereotypes are challenged, and women demand higher pay, credit or fail to collaborate, they are often judged as unpleasant.

Equally challenging is imposter syndrome and perfectionism, causing some high-achieving women to struggle with an internal monologue of self-doubt, attributing success to external factors while internalising failure. Despite wanting senior leadership positions, by failing to internalise their accomplishments or by constantly seeking the approval of others, they may unintentionally sabotage their own career advancement.

Understanding Financial Statements

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

As the services provided by in-house lawyers require commercial acumen and business knowledge, it is increasingly important for you to be able to quickly and succinctly understand the financial performance of your organisation by reviewing its key financial statements. This workshop will give you the confidence and ability to review a set of financial statements to ascertain how any business has performed financially, plus have the ability to ask informed questions of its management team and other professional advisers.

Understanding the economy and how it affects your customers or clients

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

This workshop will help you to understand why changes in the economy are so important to your business and to your customers or clients. By keeping up to date with changes in the economy, not only will you be better able to understand why your customers or clients respond in the way that they do, but also be able to see ahead of time the type of decisions that they are likely to face.

MBA Essentials for Lawyers

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

Do you want to demonstrate a deeper understanding of any business, its industry, market, needs and concerns? Do you want to be confident that you are asking the most pertinent questions and so providing more effective legal advice allied to a business’s strategy? If so, then the MBA Essentials for Lawyers course will be just what you are looking for. With MBA graduates leading most major companies at a strategic level, professional advisors need to be in tune with the skills and practices they are using as well as their strategic logic. The course will provide you with the most up-to-date MBA models, frameworks, tools and techniques in a form and context applicable to the work of a lawyer.

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Document 5 - Online Resources - Worksheet 1
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Document 7 - Online Resources - Pre-Meeting Analysis

Elite Influence for In-house Lawyers

| WIN In-house counsel | United Kingdom

We are all trying to influence people and other organisations daily, whether that’s with our own teams, with a client, or across industry. Whatever your influence challenge and whatever decision, behaviour or thinking you are trying to change, how much more effective would you be if you could wield elite influence skill with precision and deliberation?

The ubiquity of technology and expertise is removing competitive advantage from business. In an increasingly digital world, where the strength of our relationships defines our success, human influencing skills are more powerful than ever. 

In this workshop we look at some of the models and tools used successfully on high-stakes military intelligence operations and learn how we can apply them to our business challenges.

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