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UK referendum: Explore the legal impact of the Brexit vote 

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27Sep UK employment seminar series: BREXIT Sheffield Formal negotiation of the terms on which the UK will exit the EU may not have commenced, but UK companies have started to identify matters of concern to them and aspects of their business that could be impacted. Immigration was a hot topic during the Brexit debate and, as such, is likely to be central to UK/EU negotiations. Many UK businesses have benefited from the free movement of workers across the EU which has allowed them access to a wide pool of skills, talent and experience. Brexit could diminish access to this pool if new visa requirements make it difficult to recruit EU nationals. Individuals may choose to work in mainland Europe, where their movement will be unrestricted. Our seminar will consider some of the options which the negotiators are likely to discuss, their consequences for UK businesses, and preparatory steps employers can take to minimize the impact of any immigration rule changes.  We will also consider the various EU derived employment laws that may come under the spotlight and be subject to change in post-Brexit Britain. For example, might the Government act to reduce the increased holiday pay costs which UK employers have faced following ECJ case law in relation to annual leave under the Working Time Directive? Could aspects of the TUPE Regulations be reconsidered, such as relaxing the information and consultation requirements and wider scope to agree changes to terms following a TUPE transfer? Will the Agency Worker Regulations be repealed entirely? Other key questions will include whether and to what extent the UK will now adopt current EU Directives that have not yet made their way onto the statute books, including the General Data Privacy Regulation and the Trade SecretsDirective.  These and other topics will present challenges for legal and HR practitioners in the months and years to come, but our seminar will take a practical look at the likely impact of Brexit on workforce management and will provide an opportunity to discuss concerns with others in thefield. 

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