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01Jun UK Employment Seminar Series: Data Protection Edinburgh We are pleased to invite you to our UK Employment Seminar Series 2016. Our speakers are lawyers who have extensive practical experience in their field. These seminars are complimentary and CPD accredited. Registrations will take place 30 minutes before the seminar start time provided below, and breakfast or lunch will be provided prior to the start of the session. == Data protection New European data protection laws are set to have a significant impact on UK employers. The adoption on 14 April of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) heralds a new dawn in data protection, with far-reaching consequences for employers. For many, there will need to be a wholesale change in culture with a new approach to processing employees' personal data. It is likely that existing data processing practices will fall far wide of the standards required and will require substantial review before the GDPR takes effect in 2018. Changes to the law on consent to data processing, data privacy notices, criminal records checks, automated decision-making and notification of privacy breaches will pose particular challenges for employers. The importance of this cannot be overstated due to the introduction of extremely onerous sanctions which will heavily penalise breaches of the GDPR. Although the new regime is challenging, compliance is achievable provided suitable planning and preparation is undertaken, and the correct actions are taken at the right time - beginning with a thorough audit of existing practices for data processing. Speakers from our Employment and IPT teams will explain how the changes to data protection law introduced by the GDPR will impact on the employment relationship at all stages, and what steps employers can take to prepare.

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